100 new buses to be imported

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        Previously, five participants submitted materials for the public transportation bid for supplying buses as part of Ulaanbaatar’s Road congestion reduction work. Among them, Yutong Bus Co., Ltd. was selected as they met the requirements. Subsequently, an agreement was officially signed last week between the Ulaanbaatar City Council and Yutong Bus Co.,Ltd. In this context, First Deputy in Charge of Economic and Infrastructure Issues of the Capital City Governor P.Sainzorig gave information.

According to the contract, 600 buses will be delivered by January 31, 2024, and for every 50 buses produced, preliminary control and inspection will be done before they enter the border. The manufacturer will bear the risks and costs up to this point. The warranty period for buses is 24 months, and the manufacturer undertakes to provide reliable spare parts for ten years of operation.

First Deputy in Charge of Economic and Infrastructure Issues of the Capital City Governor P.Sainzorig said, “Due to the lack of availability and organization of buses, people have to wait for a long time for the bus and cannot get on sometimes. We are working to resolve this quickly. Citizens say that there is no need to travel by private car if the bus is comfortable and sufficient. Therefore, when announcing a bid, we made sure to set a requirement such as the accessibility of citizens with disabilities, the elderly, and children in addition to other main requirements.” He also informed that they are working to properly plan public transport routes and update the payment system.

He stated that after the bid selection, it took some time until the contract was signed because of negotiations. At the end of the year, about 100 buses will be imported. Before the bus is put into service, it is necesary to carry out ancillary activities such as installing a payment system and obtaining insurance. In addition, as all the buses will be imported by February 1, the work plans for payment system, parking, and routes are underway.

The Independent Authority Against Corruption (IAAC) offered the real estate of the Tenuun-Ogoo company to settle the losses caused to the capital city and state budgets. The company was evaluated by a company selected by IAAC, and after discussing and confirming the evaluation at the meeting of the Capital City Governor’s Council, assets of Tenuun-Ogoo were decided to be acquired. Green buses will not be taken y the capital city, only objects related to public transport services will be taken and used.

He also said, “I met with the representatives of enterprises operating in the field of public transport. Previously, the companies took the newly entered buses in their name but did not pay the tolls and fees. Therefore, new buses will be registered under the ownership of Ulaanbaatar City Development Corporation JSC, and arrangements will be made for leasing and lending them to public and private sector companies engaged in public transport services. Buses bought with taxpayers’ money should not be simply distributed to public transportation companies.”

“We are studying the issue of completely freeing the first lane of the main avenues such as Peace avenue and Naadamchdyn for buses. In this regard, there will be solutions related to parking along the first lane. For example, there are needs and requirements for delivering goods to shops. Therefore, rather than stopping the parking lots, regulations will be made so that buses and taxis can transport passengers, as well as companies dropping off goods during the nighttime” says P.Sainzorig.

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