11 political parties submit their expenditure reports

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According to the Mongolian National Audit Office (MNAO), a total of 11 parties and four coalitions submitted their expenditure reports of the 2020 parliamentary election within the legal deadline, August 7, but two political parties did not.

In accordance with Article 57.3 of the Law on Elections of Mongolia, political parties and coalitions must submit their expenditure reports to the supreme state audit body within 45 days after the polling day and all candidates within 30 days.

The MNAO will review the reports and make them public within 60 days of receipt.

Article 17.1.25 of the Law on Infringements of Mongolia stipulates, “If a political party, coalition and candidate fails to submit its election expenditure report to the state audit body within legal deadline, an individual shall be fined 10 million MNT and a legal entity shall be fined 100 million MNT.”

Some 393 candidates out of 606 who ran in the election have submitted their spending reports.

The names of candidates and parties who did not submit their reports will be submitted to the Mongolian Tax Administration and fines will be imposed, noted officials.

Misheel Lkhasuren