138,000 new jobs to be created

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Prime Minister of Mongolia U.Khurelsukh visited the Construction Polytechnic College and the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, briefed on the government's objectives and measures being taken in this field, and gave instructions and directions on October 5.

Highlighting that the college students do paid internships in the spring and fall, and about 70 percent of graduates work in their field, Director of the college G.Nyamdulam said that there are 1,583 students in the primary education class, 398 students in the technical education class, and 157 students in the adult class.

As part of a comprehensive policy to train skilled workers, the government is providing free training to polytechnic colleges and vocational training and production centers, and providing monthly stipends of 200,000 MNT to students. Due to the availability of jobs and scholarships, the interest of young people to study has increased dramatically, and university graduates are also coming to the polytechnic colleges, reported G.Nyamdulam.

The prime minister also got acquainted with the progress of the Asian Development Bank-funded workshop and the digitalization of the vocational education and training sector.

During the visit, Minister of Labor and Social Welfare A.Ariunzaya briefed on the policy reform of the sector and the work being done.

According to her, the ministry aims to reform the social insurance system, transfer from welfare to employment, introduce a dynamic employment model, transfer from a student-centered policy to a school-centered policy, develop social groups, and provide comprehensive protection policies and equal opportunities for people with disabilities.

Within this framework, social welfare www.ehalamj.mn, social insurance www.ndaatgal.mn, vocational education and training www.mergejil.mn, and TTS software for translating text for the visually impaired were introduced.

The ministry also introduced e-services such as the Vocational Training and Production Center, Overseas Labor Licensing Program, Overseas Labor Registration, and www.etuslamj.mn website.

Over the next four years, 138,000 new jobs will be created as a result of construction in transportation, railway, construction, urban development, mining, energy, tourism, food, agriculture, light industry and intensive agriculture.

Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh instructed the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare to pay special attention to creating jobs. He also gave an instruction to make employment policy and regulation based on research, establish polytechnic colleges and vocational training and production centers with qualified teachers, training environment, provide children with a safe environment to grow and learn, prevent risks, increase child protection, and introduce good practices and tools to provide the necessary social care and protection to people with disabilities.

Misheel Lkhasuren