19 political parties and coalitions’ documents received

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A total of 15 political parties and four coalitions seeking to run in parliamentary elections submitted their applications to the General Election Commission (GEC) before April 25, the commission reported.

On April 22, the United Party of Patriots, Freedom Implementing Party, Great Unity Party, Zon Masses Party and World Mongolian Party submitted their application to participate in the upcoming elections and expressed their adherence to the Constitution of Mongolia, Law on Elections of Mongolia and other relevant laws to GEC.

On April 23, Sakhigtun! Undsen Khuuliin 19 Khuuli Coalition (Adhere to 19 Laws of Constitution of Mongolia!), Love the People Party, Party of the People, Development Program Party and Democratic Party submitted their documents to GEC.

Mongolian Green Party, Mongolian People’s Party, United Citizens Coalition Party, Motherland Party, Democratic Reform Party, Right Person, Voter Coalition, People’s Majority Government Party, and Development Ger District Party submitted their documents on April 24.

GEC will make a decision on whether to register the parties and coalitions to for the election race within five days after receiving the documents.

Misheel Lkhasuren