208 independent candidates submitted action plans

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On April 27, the Mongolian National Audit Office (MNAO) announced that it received action plans from 208 independent candidates running in the 2020 election. The MNAO is currently in the process of auditing the action plans.

In accordance with the Law on State Audit and Law on Election, independent candidates must submit their action plans to the MNAO before April 25.

More than 10 independent candidates from provinces sent their action plans via e-mail due to the decision to suspend intercity movements of vehicles and passenger trains until April 25 to prevent transmission of the COVID-19. The MNAO notified that independent candidates were required to submit their original documents of their action plan to the MNAO after the traffic restriction ends.

There are three requirements for action plans. Particularly, an action plan must be in line with the Development Concept-2030, Article 38.3 of the Election Law, and the Law on Fiscal Stability.

Not all of the 208 independent candidates are expected to run in the election. Following the MNAO’s review of action plans, the General Election Commission will register independent candidates.

The action plans of parties, coalitions and independent candidates will be announced publicly 22 days prior to the polling day of June 24.

A total of 69 independent candidates competed in the 2016 parliamentary elections. This was the highest number of independent candidate participation in elections to date.

Misheel Lkhasuren