3 implementing agencies of UB closed down

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Chief of the Cabinet Secretariat D.Amarbayasgalan has presented the decisions made at the Cabinet meeting on December 1.

“In order to ensure the balance of urban and rural development, relevant ministers have been assigned the task of drafting a law to create a legal environment to support citizens and business entities moving from Ulaanbaatar to rural areas,” said D. Amarbayasgalan. “The members of Cabinet and governors of provinces, capital city and districts were instructed to implement the policy of transferring at least 10 percent of their employees to other branches in rural areas.”

The chief secretary also pointed out that the structure of the capital city was redefined according to the proposal made by the city mayor at the Cabinet meeting. Thus, three implementing agencies of the capital city have been closed down and their activities will be carried out by other agencies.

He then presented information on the measures being taken to reduce traffic congestion and improve access to public transport in Ulaanbaatar.

He said, “Special attention is being paid to the public transport renovation policy. The public transportation fleet has not been renovated since 2008. Thus, in the 2023 budget, 320 billion MNT was allocated for the renovation of the public transport fleet. Furthermore, 17 public and private entities that operate public transport will cooperate and the government will participate in policy reforms and support them with rational and integrated management. In this way, the problem of insufficient number of buses and the inefficiency of the route will be solved.”

Regarding the construction of a semi-coking coal factory in accordance with the government’s decision, he pointed out that a feasibility study for the factory has been developed in order to reduce air and environmental pollution. However, it will be decided whether to build a plant after proving that semi-coke fuel is effective, safe and economically viable. In this regard, 400 tons of coal will be tested within a certain area.

Dulguun Bayarsaikhan