38 lawmakers demand speaker’s resignation

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  • Dec 14,2018
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Five lawmakers speak with the press

Five lawmakers, including T.Ayursaikhan, Kh.Nyambaatar, L.Oyun-Erdene, J.Batzandan and L.Bold, held a news conference about the demand for the dismissal of Speaker of Parliament M.Enkhbold.

The five legislators stressed that 38 lawmakers have signed the demand as they believe that M.Enkhbold has no ethical rights to chair Parliament.

T.Ayursaikhan said, “It is a commonly known that dismissing the prime minister is easy in Mongolia, and the president can be impeached, but why is ousting the speaker of Parliament so tough, and everyone who is serving in Mongolia’s state apparatus can be dismissed if he or she violates the law, but M.Enkhbold is still ignoring others’ demands despite the fact that his illegal actions were uncovered.”

He noted that the 38 lawmakers and some other lawmakers supporting the demand still want M.Enkhbold to resign voluntarily, and those lawmakers will not attend parliamentary session until M.Enkhbold resigns.

Kh.Nyambaatar said that M.Enkhbold has an interest to stop state operations, and he is not ensuring his main responsibility to chair Parliament, and every speaker in the world seeks to maintain a neutral stance in Parliament, but Mongolia’s speaker is not doing it.

J.Batzandan said that the 38 lawmakers cannot bear working with a leader of a group defending the interests of an oligarchy controlling the country, which is called MANAN (the joint acronym of the Mongolian People’s Party and Democratic Party which also translates to fog), and stressed that unless M.Enkhbold resigns on December 14, the lawmakers will join a march in “support of the public and civic society” against M.Enkhbold.