50,000 signatures collected to reunite DP

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On July 26, lawmaker B.Purevdorj reported on by-election issues and an initiative to convene an irregular congress of the Democratic Party (DP) and collect 100,000 signatures from members to reunite the party.

Emphasizing that the process of collecting 100,000 signatures to reunite the party under a single leader and seal has been successful, B.Purevdorj said, “As of today, 50,000 members have signed. In some provinces and districts, mid-level chairs opposed the signing. The main purpose of collecting signatures is to show that the members are united.”

He stressed that the by-elections in Songinokhairkhan District and Khentii Province will be held on October 10, and said that in the last presidential election, DP nominated two candidates. 

D.Sumiyabazar, who was elected to Parliament from Songinokhairkhan District to Parliament, was appointed as Ulaanbaatar mayor and resigned from the legislature, and President U.Khurelsukh was elected as lawmaker from Khentii Province. Therefore, by-elections are to be held to fill the vacant seats in Parliament.

“Due to the party’s internal issues, the DP candidate accepted by the General Election Commission (GEC) participated irresponsibly in the presidential election and received 5 percent of votes. This situation is likely to be repeated in the by-elections. By-elections are a key point for DP’s recovery. We have to participate very responsibly. The parties must submit an official letter to the GEC on August 10. However, there is no unity within the party. Former leader of DP S.Erdene is splitting and leading the party,” B.Purevdorj noted.

S.Erdene reported on the party’s internal issues on July 26. “Preparations are underway to convene a meeting of the National Policy Committee of DP in early August. I took responsibility. In accordance with the Law on Political Parties, the Supreme Court registers a political party’s activities. The party’s internal conflicts will not be considered by the Supreme Court. I did not escape responsibility and took all possible steps,” he claimed. 

Split DP factions held separate chairship elections and two chairs were elected last March.

Legislator B.Purevdorj

Misheel Lkhasuren