606 candidates start election race

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On June 2, in accordance with Articles 32.3 and 32.3 of the Law on Elections of Mongolia, General Election Commission (GEC) reviewed the documents from candidates and handed over candidacy certificates to 485 candidates from 13 political parties and four coalitions, and 121 independent candidates.

A total of 606 candidates were registered for the 2020 parliamentary election, including 76 candidates from the Mongolian People’s Party (MPP), 76 from the Democratic Party (DP), 74 from You Are Our Coalition, 72 from United Citizens Coalition Party, 53 from Right Person, Voter Coalition, 1 from United Party of Patriots, 34 from Sakhigtun! Undsen Khuuliin 19 Khuuli Coalition (Adhere to 19 Laws of Constitution of Mongolia!), 30 from Zon Masses Party, 24 from People’s Majority Government Party, one from Love the People Party, 15 from Mongolian Green Party, 13 from Freedom Implementing Party, 7 from Development
Program Party, one from Party of the People, 3 from World Mongolian Party, 1 from Great Unity Party, 4 from Development Ger District Party, and 121 independent candidates.

The 2020 parliamentary election has 29 constituencies and 76 seats, with the capital city divided into nine constituencies and the provinces into 20 constituencies.

In this parliamentary election, the 23rd constituency of Bayanzurkh District, the 26th constituency of Bayangol District and Sukhbaatar District have the largest number of candidates, 35 each. In the 12th constituency of Sukhbaatar Province, 11 candidates are running for two seats.

Upon receipt of their certificates, candidates started campaigning on June 2.

The polling day will take place on June 24 across the nation. 

As this election will be held during a pandemic, the government has approved a procedure to prevent COVID-19 during the election. According to the regulation, political parties, coalitions and independent candidates are to organize events, meetings and gatherings with voters during the election campaign electronically. If it is not possible to organize electronically, halls
for event, meeting or conference are to be disinfected and cleaned in advance. The distance between participants of event should be at least 1.5 meters, and participants must wear masks when communicating from a distance.

Meetings and gatherings are to be organized in halls large enough to facilitate the stated guidelines or outside. The distance between chairs should be at least 1.5 meters.

Misheel Lkhasuren