‘Golden Brush’

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  • Mar 30,2016
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“Golden Brush”, an annual exhibition organized by the Union of Young Artists under the Union of Mongolian Artists (UMA), is on view at UMA’s Gallery through April 1. Marking the 10th anniversary of “Golden Brush”, the Union of Young Artists brought together the winners of the exhibition's competition and handed them certificates. A special prize winner was announced apart from the recipient of the “Golden Brush” trophy. This year, contemporary artist B.Nomin won the “Golden Brush” trophy for her works “Fire” and “Water”, and was granted one year of free residency at the UMA art studio, the opportunity to represent Mongolia in international art festivals, and the chance to present an exhibition at the UMA Art Gallery. The Union of Young Artists supports young artists up to the age of 35. The exhibition displays fresh perspectives by young artists and includes artwork by university students. The subjects of the artworks are unlimited. In the hall visitors can find a portrayal of the Geser epic illustrated with elements of Mongol zurag technique, a re-envisioning of the “Birth of Venus” by Sandro Botticelli, a headless mannequin covered in lava, various contemporary and realistic paintings, as well as mixed media and metal sculptures. “Golden Brush” might be one of the best exhibitions presented within the past year and continues to gain praise for its variety of work and talent exhibited. “There’s a reason you were born in Mongolia” “There’s a reason you were born in Mongolia”[/caption] 2764944_orig "STOP"[/caption] 4791874_orig “Geser epic”[/caption] 8768998_orig "Representative bodies"[/caption] 1687517_orig