72 bills to be reviewed in fall

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During the spring session, Parliament approved a resolution on issues to be discussed at the regular fall session.

A total of 72 bills were submitted for discussion at the next session. Parliament plans to discuss bills and resolutions submitted in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Mongolian People’s Party caucus in Parliament submitted 20 proposals, the Democratic Party caucus 18, the government 136, standing committees 63, lawmaker T.Dorjkhand eight, and legislator D.Batlut submitted one, for a total of 245 bills to be included in the agenda of the fall session.

On this basis, a total of 72 bills included in the draft resolution to be discussed at the fall session.

Moreover, during the spring session, in accordance with the amendments to the Constitution, Parliament convened for more than 75 days for the first time. Parliament held 34 plenary sessions and 188 issues were discussed, while standing, sub and temporary committees met 127 times and discussed 274 issues. The total session time totaled 317 hours. During the session, about 162 laws were passed, including 16 independent laws, 84 amendments and 52 parliamentary resolutions.

Misheel Lkhasuren