Air pollution down 60%

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During a briefing on the usage of coal briquettes on Thursday, Head of Air Pollution Control Division G.Davaajargal reported that concentration of particles in the air is down by 60 percent compared with the same period of last year as a result of the ban of raw coal and adoption of briquettes in the city.

Head of the Disaster Prevention Center of the National Emergency Management Agency G.Nergui said, “To implement government’s Decision No.62 to ban raw coal usage, order to adopt high readiness of the Ulaanbaatar mayor and other related regulations, emergency staff of six district have been working around the clock to monitor supply, sale and usage of improved fuel and to prevent risks between October 1, 2019 and April 1, 2020. A total of 6,265 personnel was utilized and 25,559 people of 976 families made emergency calls to medical organizations and were provided help and advice. We held 56 press conferences for more than 60 hours and provided information and news on smoke inhalation situations, improved fuel consumption and others through more than 250 media outlets in duplicate. 31 samples of briquettes were analyzed. A total of 2,358 employees of relevant professional organizations and 660 vehicles conducted inspection for 110 days between December 13, 2019 and March 31, 2020. Also, 28 vehicles were use to distribute 49.6 tons of improved fuel for 81 days to households that reside in elevated areas.”

Head of the General Professional Inspection Department S.Davaasuren highlighted that Tavan Tolgoi Tulsh LLC’s fuel production was constantly under monitoring. Some 26 million MNT was issued in fines for violation of the ban on raw coal transportation and usage. Some 198.5 tons of raw coal was seazed.”

Enkhnaranjav Tumurbaatar