All pets deserve love

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                                        On June 24, Lucky Paws NGO held an event “Be Pawsitive-3” to connect all animal lovers, their pets and to present its activities to public at the National Park. At the event you could see all sorts of pets playing with each other and having a fun time with their owners.

                                       At the event, there were 14 tents such as Law, Tiny Paw, Donation and 10-year anniversary tent. These tents all had very interesting information to give, and it some also had fun activities. For example, in the Tiny Paw tent, they were selling dog treats and accessories at the factory price and were even giving away bone treats and powder. Also, at another tent, they were selling another tiny journals and drawing pictures of pets for 3,000 MNT. Next to it, there was a painting activity for both pet owners and their pets. Specifically, they would paint their hands and paws and make a print on paper.

At their own merch, “Lucky Paws" was selling t-shirts, pins, stickers, bookmarks, and dog treats. The profit they make from these sales will all be used for the taking care of injured animals and to have spay on stray dogs. Also, they had a dedicated law tent, which was giving information about the progress of the draft Law on Pets. They mentioned that there are two parliament meetings left for the draft Law to be approved. The parliament meetings are planned to be talked in the autumn session.

                                      For me, as a pet owner, this seemed like a brilliant way to spread awareness of all the inequality for pets and animals here in Mongolia and to share love among all animal lovers. It could even be felt by all the other pet owners as they expressed their happiness and support they have for this organization. For example, a lady at the event mentioned, “I am happy they are initiating this event to bring all the animal lovers together. This is important how they are spreading awareness.” A child at the event said, “I love my dog very much and I am happy that he is enjoying this very much. I hope there are more events for him to play like this.”

                        Director of the Lucky Paws NGO remarked that, “This event is the celebration of our 10-year anniversary. The NGO was created to protect animals and mainly directed at preventing animal security than treating it after it was done. In this period, we faced many challenges, but we also saved many pet lives. We learned from our mistakes and developed our programs during this time. As part of our 10-year anniversary the biggest project we are doing is the draft Law on Animals. If this draft Law on Pets is approved, there wouldn’t be any more sad and tired animals roaming the streets. We are working to create a more secure and equal life for pets. We have more work to do in the future such as monitoring the implementation of the law and continuing the current projects we have such as spay operation on stray dogs and to save hurt animals. To widen the spread of the Spay project, we have cooperated with some vet doctors and give them training on how to do spay operation.”

When asked about how the event organization goes, he said, “Every year, a group is created just for this event, and it starts planning from January. During that time, we initiate projects based on what that year would be based on. We receive suggestions from our supporters on some activities we could hold during the event, and we decide on whether it’s appropriate or not. As for the chosen tents, these companies are our partners who have similar principles and support us. We also invited national pet food producers.”

                       Lucky Paws is an NGO that has dedicated their time and power into the protection of all animals. In the past decade they have saved and treated over 3,500 animals and have spay on over 2,000 stray animals with the help of their volunteers and donators. In this modern day where we still call shooting services on stray dogs, it is important how they are fighting to save all the broken and hopeful lost pets out there. So, if you wish to support them and acknowledge and spread awareness, please check out their social media at Lucky Paws NGO in Mongolia and you can also donate them used pet accessories and food as well as money.

Amarjargal Munkhbat