Amendment to Constitution of Mongolia comes into force today

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      The new articles and provisions of the Constitution of Mongolia come into force starting today. According to the advisor of the speaker of Parliament J.Sukhbaatar, some laws need to be amended in order to implement some articles and provisions of the Constitution of Mongolia, and this work will be completed before 2021.

In accordance with the amendments to the Constitution, members of Parliament will be able to better monitor the implementation of laws.

The issue on double deel (holding dual posts in Cabinet and Parliament) was decided by the new amendment to the Constitution. In addition to the prime minister, only four members of Cabinet will be allowed to hold dual posts (in Parliament and Cabinet). However, the amendment will not come into force starting today, according to officials.

The amendment also restricts lawmakers’ direct access to laws that underlie the country's economy, such as the budget and taxes.

On January 13, 1992, the new democratic Constitution proclaimed Mongolia as a citizen-centered state that respects human rights and freedoms.

Misheel Lkhasuren