‘Amendment to the Constitution of Mongolia enables stability of government’

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        The amendment to the Constitution of Mongolia, which was adopted by Parliament on November 14, 2019, entered into force on May 25, 2020.

In this regard, the parliamentary working group that designed the amendment, led by lawmaker D.Lundeejantsan, held briefing on the constitutional amendments on May 25.

Lawmaker D.Lundeejantsan said, “Thanks to the recent amendment, the Constitution of Mongolia, which is a social contract between the state and the people of the country, has now become whole, and beginning from today, became effective across the nation.”

“The 1992 Constitution of Mongolia first entered into force on February 12, 1992.”

“The latest amendment to the Constitution, which improved the previous seven amendments made to the Constitution in 2000, is believed to open up the opportunities for the population of Mongolia to benefit from natural resource wealth, improve the country’s parliamentary democracy by ensuring the people's governing rights and increasing the responsibilities of Parliament, enable the stability and responsibility of the government that is guided by long-term development policies, enhancing the responsibilities and independence of the judiciary through several fundamental changes in it, and improve the local government system” he added.

“The upcoming four-year period will be a time of governance reform and legal revolution. More than 40 laws being revised accompanying the amendment to the Constitution will facilitate achieving justice, accountability of authorities and transparency in budgeting,” said lawmaker D.Lundeejantsan.

The amendment to the Constitution was made in four different areas of parliamentary system and governance, executive power, and enhancement of accountability of judicial systems and of local governance system.

Misheel Lkhasuren