Amendments to Health Law discussed

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On May 12, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Social Policy, Education, Culture and Science convened to discuss the amendments to the Health Law. 

The Health Law has a provision stating, “Specialized hospital”. There was a dispute over whether the affiliated specialized hospital of the Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences (MNUMS) should be under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health or the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. 

Members of the standing committee expressed their views on the bill. 

Lawmaker L.Enkh-Amgalan said, “There are many important provisions in the Health Law. As for members, they feel that there is only one issue regarding the hospital. I understand that there are issues related to health care reform. However, there is talk of transferring one hospital over to the ministry.” 

Noting there are no conflicts between ministers, Minister of Health D.Sarangerel said that Minister of Education, Culture and Science Yo.Baatarbileg has made a proposal on this issue.

“I think it would be right to resolve the proposal. One of the new provisions of the Health Law proposes to transfer over the MNUMS to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, and it’s specialized hospital to the Ministry of Health,” she added.      

Minister Yo.Baatarbileg mentioned that it would be better to leave out the provisions related to this issue. 

The majority of the members of the standing committee did not support the issue of specialized hospital and decided to discuss it during the plenary session.

Misheel Lkhasuren