‘Art has become something only for a certain group of people’

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Emerging artists G.Enkhjin and S.Khulan have launched their first joint exhibition “Neo Hybrid” in three different places at different times as they create art with the desire to demonstrate that art is universal, not just for a group of people.

'In the Circle of Time'

Specifically, the exhibition was presented at the Ulaanbaatar Theater from September 18 to 28 and Cue minimal bar from September 28 to October 1 and at a cafe on Nomin United’s 4th floor from September 28 to October 7.

The two artists said they want to show the modern and innovative look with bright colors. Their artworks are dazzling figurative paintings, filled with color, contrast, enigma and pure talent. They explained that they express themselves through art without being bound by any trend. The charismatic painters direct and depict surreal compositions.

'In the Midst of Nostalgia'

Young artist S.Khulan said, “Nothing new is born out of nothingness. Those who saw something different from the old remains call it new. For example, the word ‘Neo’ is highly appreciated by those seeking a new era. I mention this word when I try to learn from my past mistakes and try to create new art. Hybrid refers to a combination of two things. We cannot mix completely different types together.”

G.Enkhjin, who started drawing at the age of three, shared her opinion and explained her masterpieces. She noted, “Art has become something only for a certain group of people. My passion is to make art and paintings accessible to everyone. In European countries, any person walking on the street can make art. People say that they have no sense of art and stay away from it. But everyone has feelings. It is important to ask ourselves what we should experience in life. People do not feel alive only when they are happy. Through suffering, we also feel it. I believe that feelings are a gift of our being alive, so I aim to make people feel all of these emotions. Not all our paintings have a good meaning. Life is not blank or white. The main thing is that we are just human beings.”

'Flowing Star'

The artist says her “Soundless Tears” piece visually shows the suffering of Mother Earth, so she mainly used green and blue colors. Just as we can understand many things through our eyes, we can see in her work, which illustrates the eye, how our world is suffering due to human wrongdoings. If the world had eyes, it would be as depicted in the painting. The pupil of the eye looks like the earth and the veins around it indicate great pain. The droopy eyelids seem to show that the world cannot handle sadness.

'Soundless Tears'

“No one seems to love Mother Earth anymore. I grew up in the countryside. It hurts me a lot when people throw away garbage on the ground. The world feels like a person to me,” G.Enkhjin explained.

She also stressed, “While painting ‘Golden Moment’ piece I thought about love a lot. Love is not something to be happy about. Love is not something that torments us. I realized that love is just something that exists in the mind. Keeping someone by your side is not the meaning of love.”

The “Forever” painting depicts the fiery love of a couple and captures the flexibility and softness of a woman and the sensuality of a man. She said that promising “forever” is a sacred vow of love.


Meanwhile, her “Beginning of Existence” artwork showed women with an alien appearance dressed as Mongolian queens, giving a sense of fear, strength and strangeness at the same time.

'Beginning of Existence'

Misheel Lkhasuren