ASEF Editors’ Roundtable Meeting takes place

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  • Jul 08,2016
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On July 7, the 8th Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) Editors’ Roundtable Meeting opened at Best Western Premier Tuushin Hotel with attendance by nearly 30 media delegates from more than 20 ASEM member countries. The agenda of the meeting covered the Asia-Europe Digital Connectivity Survey, the relevance and role of media as a major stakeholder, global stories through local stories, opportunities for connectivity, new audiences and ways to improve Asia-Europe Social Discussion under the theme “Asia-Europe Digital Connectivity”. In his opening remarks, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia L.Purevsuren said that Mongolia is a country that respects freedom of press and expression. “With greater penetration of information technologies in our life, we have become even more dependent on them. Mongolia has become one of the countries in the region that is leading in the use of digital technology and internet per capita.” The Minister underlined that with a population of three million, Mongolians use 3.2 million cell phones and there are 3.1 million data users. Mongolia’s mobile phone operators are in the process of shifting to 4G systems. “There are 2.4 million people in Mongolia who use the internet on a regular basis. Cable and IPTV are available in rural areas as well. Technological progress brings people closer. However, we need to think over how to manage the flow of information in the right way,” said L.Purevsuren. Director of Media Program Asia at Konrad Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) Torben Stephan said, “Today, we talk about digital connectivity, which is a very important topic. The media environment is changing very fast because of the internet and especially mobile usage, which is growing very fast. Of course, there are good and bad developments in that, and my message for today is let us see this as a chance for the media, not a threat.” The ASEF Editors’ Roundtable Meeting was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ASEF, KAS, and the Confederation of Mongolian Journalists, and was attended by reputed media figures including Adrian Van Klaveren of the BBC, President of the Portuguese Press Association Joao Palmeiro, Editor-in-Chief of Belgium’s Mondiaal News Gie Goris, Editor-in-Chief of the Russian magazine Mongolia Today Yury Kruchkin, Managing Director of China’s Wu Ting, as well as editors-in-chief, senior journalists, and overseas special correspondents from the Republic of Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, Ireland, Poland, Bangladesh, Indonesia, the Philippines, and India.