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Every year Tax Authority organizes ‘Taxpayers’ Day’ and awards the best tax paying companies and enterprises. Previously, they used to name the top 10 taxpayers who concentrated the most amount of money, but since last year they started naming the top ten companies in four main segments. These include, big segment covering 900 companies, medium segment covering 300 companies, small segment covering 30,000 companies, and micro segment covering 150,000 enterprises, and the top ten from each segment were selected.

Head of the Tax Authority B.Zayabal said, “All activities of the tax authority has become digital. Now, you don’t have to look for someone you know in the tax office. We will introduce the companies that received an A rating from each segment based on business scoring points. Starting from this year, the Tax Authority is conducting business scoring, and for example, if enterprises can get scores between 95 to 100, they will get an A rating.”

Some of the companies that pay the biggest amount of tax are:
- Erdenet Mining Corporation SOE (1.2 trillion MNT)
- Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi JSC (990 billion MNT)
- Oyu Tolgoi (440 billion MNT)
- Energy Resource LLC (289 billion MNT)
- Tavan Tolgoi JSC (261.6 billion MNT).

It can be seen that A rating companies are mining and mineral producing companies.

Big segment companies are:

- Mobicom corporation LLC (62 billion MNT)
- Unitel group LLC (61 billion MNT)
- MCS Coca-Cola LLC (39 billion MNT)

Some of the medium segment companies are:
- U-Plant LLC (4.7 billion MNT)
- Master Time LLC (4.1 billion MNT)
- Best Western Tech LLC (2.5 billion MNT)

Small segment companies include:
- United Alliance LLC (500 million MNT)
- Digital works LLC (400 million MNT)
- Sutain Ikher Tsetseg LLC (200 million MNT)

To mention some of the micro segment companies:
- SASS LLC (60 million MNT)
- Maikhan Gol LLC (40 million MNT)
- Urnukh Khurd LLC (40 million MNT)

The top companies in the micro segment are operating in wholesale retail trade, information and communication, construction, administrative and support services, scientific and technical, housing and food service enterprises.

Amarjargal Munkhbat