Beware of flood, NEMA warns

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                                                                                                                                                                  On July 1, a temporary heavy rain fell, and floods occurred in the Lun soum of Tuv Province.

Senior Coordinator in charge of Accident Prevention at the Traffic Police Department (TPD) G.Otgontamir said, “Due to the rain, a small amount of flood occurred on the road between Lun soum area of Tuv Province and Rashaant soum of Bulgan Province. There is nothing damaged, and the traffic is moving normally. Now the work of cleaning the mud and polluted things on the road is underway. Citizens of Lun soum gave information about the flood.”

Holes in the paved road are not visible when it rains. Therefore, the TPD reminded to adjust the speed of the vehicle and ensure the technical integrity of the vehicle on the local roads. The National Emergency Management Agency reported that there were no reports of flooding in the area.

Citizens take the risk of accidents in the water by not being careful while traveling on the banks of the river. Therefore the following warning is given by NEMA:

  • Be alert when relaxing near rivers, lakes, and streams;
  • Family, friends, and colleagues should have a unified organization and register when going on vacation;
  • Do not send children alone to play in streams, rivers, and lakes;
  • Do not enter the river after consuming alcohol;
  • Refusing to enter the river during muscle and tendon strain;
  • Avoid swimming in deep rivers with fast currents;
  • When crossing rivers and lakes, cross designated crossings and bridges
  • To ensure safety and prevent river and water accidents by paying attention to the safety warnings and signs along the river bank.

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