‘Blanket’ art show features positive outlook toward climate issues

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   Artists L.Munguntsetseg and T.Enkhbold launched their joint exhibition, “Blanket,” centering on the Earth Optimism movement, from December 16 to January 3 at the Red Ger Creative Space.

Earth Optimism is a movement promoting a positive outlook toward problems related to environmental issues. The movement provides an alternative narrative to mainstream news on climate change. It highlights the potential for humans to positively impact the environment by making small changes on individual and community levels. Moreover, it focuses on positive technological advancements and ecological success stories to illustrate the potential for hope in face of ecological challenges.

   The artists explained that it is a change that contains future possibilities by emphasizing the organic connection between modern usage, the innovation of materials, the traditional way of life, humankind, nature and animals.

The exhibition illustrated a thrilling blend of instinctive experimentation and thorough contemplation characterizing Mongolian contemporary art. One of the key attractions was a large-scale installation of the Mongolian ger’s lattice wall, which combined new media techniques. 

T.Enkhbold explores the boundaries of traditional practices in creative arts. His mixed-media and abstract paintings incorporate a stark palette of sepia, charcoal and taupe. They are created with pigments made of rust, soot, dung and dust. He has exhibited his masterpieces in Mongolia, South Korea, China, Holland, Finland and the UK and represented his country at the 2012 Shanghai International Biennale. He was selected for the international residency program organized in Holland, Finland and South Korea.

Misheel Lkhasuren