'Blue Melody'

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  • Apr 21,2017
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”Blue Melody”, an exhibition by the artist B.Khongorzul, is now on view at UB Art Gallery. This solo exhibition is the latest of the artist’s numerous solo and group exhibitions in Mongolia and abroad. 'Brown Birds' 'Brown Birds'[/caption] The most striking motifs in “Blue Melody” are children and nature, subjects that B.Khongorzul often explores in her work. By marrying these two themes, she creates beautiful images of babies curled up inside flowers for the aptly named “Heaven’s Children”, and the triptych “Heaven’s Dew.” Animals are also featured in the exhibition, with one especially notable painting, "Fox Dream", showing a baby asleep on the back of a fox. The painting references the Mongolian tradition of hanging a white felt fox above a baby's crib to keep bad dreams at bay, a nod to Mongolian folklore about foxes being a benevolent tricksters. 'Heaven's Children' 'Heaven's Children'[/caption] Also included in the "Blue Melody" collection is a portrait of A.Bayartsetseg, the winner of the 2016 Miss Mongolia  competition, entitled "Beauty". 'Beauty' 'Beauty'[/caption] B.Khongorzul studied fine art at the Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture and the Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing. Most of her work is oil on canvas, and her work is known for the beauty and airiness of its simple realism. The exhibition is on view every day, between 11:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., through April 21. 'Selenge' 'Selenge'[/caption]