‘Blue Pearl’ ice festival to be held this week

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The “Blue Pearl” ice festival is organized to develop winter tourism in Khuvsgul Province. This year’s festival is planned to be held on March 1 to 5. The Blue Pearl festival features an ice knuckle-bone shooting contest, bicycle and ice skate races, moto sports performance, sled dog race, tug of war, relay race, family contest, horse race, performance by the province’s musical drama theater, and some ritualistic activities.

Last year’s celebration was attended by more than 20,000 guests and representatives from more than 10 provinces, including Arkhangai, Tuv, Selenge, Bulgan, Erdenet, Govisumber, Darkhan, Erdenet, and Khentii. More than 200 public and private enterprises participated in last year’s ice festival. In addition, about 70 police officers were on duty.

Also, the artisans created 10 types of ice structures on the ice of Khuvsgul Lake, such as an ice town that encourages people to love mountains, water, and the earth, an ice-skating rink for children to play, and an ice structure for taking pictures and perpetuating memories.

There are places in Khuvsgul Lake that do not freeze at all in winter. It’s called a urkh. Urkhs don’t freeze every year in “Ashikhai”, “Mergeny Uzuur”, “Khar Us” and “Khadan Khui” areas of Khuvsgul Lake. This year, Khuvsgul Lake is frozen with many holes. As of December 30, 2022, the places “Jigleg”, “Khar Us”, and “Kachim” were not frozen, and even though the entire ice cover has formed, the ice load has not strengthened to a safe level for people and animals to travel. Therefore, citizens of Khanh Soum, Renchinlkhumbe Soum, Chandmani-Undur, Khatgal, Tsagaanuur Soum, transporters, and vacationers are warned not to travel on icy roads for their safety.

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