Bus stations renovated within public-private partnership

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A regular meeting of the capital city authorities was held on June 20. In the previous regular meeting, the Mayor gave tasks in 12 areas, and the implementation rate was about 80 percent.

The Office of the Mayor of the Ulaanbaatar is planning to repair and renovate 19,629 square meters of public streets and areas to increase access to sidewalks and bike paths. In this context, the work on 5,220 square meters has been completed and the work on 10,904 square meters started. This year, 1905 meters fences were removed from 26 locations, out of the planned 8,771 meters long fences in 111 locations. As a result, 5,032 meters of fences were removed in 66 locations, and the implementation rate is 61 percent. It is also planned to vacate 2,355 garages in 132 locations. Last week, 117 garages were vacated in five locations, or a total of 1,121 garages in 68 locations, and the implementation rate is 48 percent.

In addition, in order to ensure the normal and reliable operation of the final and mid bus stops, and to improve the appearance of the environment, it was ordered to develop and present a proposal for the transferring the maintenance, landscaping, and construction work into public-private partnership. According to this, within the framework of public-private partnership, a selection process was announced to select the companies to be responsible for the maintenance and operation of the final and mid bus stops.


General Manager of Ulaanbaatar City and Head of the Office of the Mayor M.Bayaraa said, “I am working as the head of the Sub committee for landscaping, repair, trade and services of the Naadam Festival. Parking lots planning is done. Moreover, relevant organizations are executing road repair and maintenance works. These will be completed by July 8.”

In addition, in 16 locations of the ger areas, small parks with landscaping and green areas are planned to be established, while landscaping work has started in 12 locations, and preparations are underway in four locations. Landscaping of places where children play and former garbage dumps was highlighted. Moreover, there is a need to establish small parks not only in ger areas but also in residential areas. Therefore, research is being conducted.

Misheel Lkhasuren