Busan and Ulaanbaatar to combat air pollution together

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Deputy Ulaanbaatar Mayor in charge of Green Development and Air Pollution J.Batbayasgalan met with delegates from Busan city of South Korean in Ulaanbaatar on Thursday. An agreement to establish friendly relations between Ulaanbaatar and Busan cities was inked at the previous meeting, which took place earlier this year in August, with a delegation led by Busan City Mayor Suh Byung-soo. As specified in the agreement, a working group from Busan city is visiting Mongolia's capital from October 18 to 21 to develop a proposal for some joint projects of the two cities. “We have many issues to resolve together. It’s possible to cooperate on finding solutions to a multitude of issues in Ulaanbaatar, including air and soil pollution, transportation and logistics, infrastructure, and waste management,” J.Batbayasgalan stated at the beginning of the meeting. “There are some projects and programs that are ready to launch at the Ulaanbaatar Development Corporation. We’re pleased to study practices and introduce modern technology of Busan city and the Republic of Korea to Mongolia,” added the Deputy Mayor. The Korean side responded, “Through the two cities’ friendly relations, we’re glad to be cooperating on some projects with Ulaanbaatar. As for waste management, we used to bury waste underground 30 years ago too. The volume of waste buried underground decreased after we started sorting waste. Now, we get energy by burning waste and weld with the emitted gas. Our representatives from the Korea Environment Corporation (KECO) will manage this matter.” The Korean side also expressed interest in cooperating on short-term projects that can be implemented immediately as well as long-term projects. Ulaanbaatar and Busan have opportunities to collaborate and support one other in tourism, health and economic fields by making use of the recently launched direct flight between the two cities, a Busan city representative noted. Deputy Mayor J.Batbayasgalan gladly accepted the delegation’s proposal and initiatives, and offered to acquaint them with associated agencies. “Our target for the next four years is to develop Ulaanbaatar into a business and tourism hotspot of Northeast Asia that incorporates unique traits of Mongolian customs and traditions. Therefore, it’s possible to work together in tourism and other fields. I will especially assist you in getting familiar with associated agencies and organizations. I hope you fulfill your goals during your stay in Mongolia,” affirmed the Deputy Ulaanbaatar Mayor.

Dulguun Bayarsaikhan