Business cooperation with Inner Mongolia to expand

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Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI) and People’s Government House of Inner Mongolia jointly organized the ‘Manzhouli City Economic Cooperation Project Presentation Meeting and Exhibition 2023’ event in the Great Hall of MNCCI. On this occasion, a meeting was held to present the economic cooperation project of Manzhouli City.

Member of Parliament and Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry Kh.Bolorchuluun, participated in the meeting and noted that the Government attaches importance to the revival of the Port and the development of border tourism, and the construction of the paved road in Choibalsan-Khavirga-Ar Khashaat direction will begin this spring. In the future, Khavirga-Ar Khashaat port will be expanded not only for citizens, but also for the export of tourism, mining and agricultural products. On this occasion, China’s Fada group presented the possibility of importing Mongolian goods into the free border zone duty-free, and Port group presented its travel program to other major Chinese cities, starting from Manzhouli, and ex-
pressed its request to cooperate with Mongolian companies.

Moreover, following documents were signed such as: “Memorandum on Economic and Trade Cooperation in the Adjacent Regions of Mongolia and China” between the Dornod province branch of MNCCI and the Bureau of Commerce of Manzhouli City, “Manzhouli-Mongolia cross-border Tourism Cooperation Memorandum” between Alpha Unity LLC and Port group , “China-Mongolia Trade Zone Cooperation Memorandum” between Mongolian Manufacturers Association and Fada group , and “Memorandum of cooperation in mining building materials” between HHI LLC and XinXin LLC.

Amarjargal Munkhbat