Cabinet orders completion of rail way projects by 2021

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  • Apr 11,2019
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The government made a decision on April 10 to speed up railway projects to connect Mongolia to China, which will enhance the volume of coal export.

Soldiers will work in the construction project to build a railway linking Tavan Tolgoi coal mine with Zuun bayan soum of Dornogovi Province.

Minister of Roads and Transportation B.Enkh-Amgalan said that Mongolian Railway Company will cooperate with the General Staff of the Mongolian Armed Forces to implement this project.

The minister added that the government allowed Tavan Tolgoi Railway Company to carry out a project to build a railway connecting Tavan Tolgoi coal mine to Gashuun Sukhait border checkpoint.

He added that the government needs to reach an agreement with the Chinese side on coordination to determine the route of the Tavan Tolgoi-Gashuun Sukhait railway, and that the railway project will be completed by 2021.