Capital city to issue securities

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The meeting of the council of Governor of the capital city was held on June 15. At the beginning of the meeting, the preparations on the issuing and trading of the capital city securities were introduced.

Clause 13.1 of the revision of the Law on the Legal Status of the Capital City states that “The capital may issue securities under the conditions and procedures specified in the law.” According to this, the working group was established last May by the order of the Governor of the Capital City, D.Sumiyabazar. In accordance with the Law on Debt Management, the working group cooperated with the Ministry of Finance, received views from relevant organizations, and discussed and approved the procedure for issuing, trading and reporting capital city securities at the May 24 meeting of the Government. At present, preparations are being made for the issue to be discussed by the Citizens’ Representative Khural, and the proposal will be submitted to the Ministry of Finance and the conclusion will be drawn up. The Mayor emphasized that Ulaanbaatar is going to issue securities for the first time and said that it will support the economy of the city and give an opportunity to solve its problems independently. 

Minutes were taken from the council meeting, and the above issue was submitted to the Citizens’ Representative Khural for discussion.


After that, the process of demolishing and building a new public residential building that does not meet the requirements for use, the relevant research and information were presented. 194 buildings were demolished, redeveloped and constructed by the 22 orders of the Governor. Currently, project implementers have been selected for 150 buildings, and between 2015 and 2023, 61 buildings for 1,298 households have been demolished, and 27 service and residential buildings for 3,248 households have been commissioned. This shows that the implementation of demolition and new construction of public housing buildings that do not meet the requirements of use is slow, and further intensification is necessary.

Minutes were taken from the council meeting, including council members’ suggestion and the Mayor gave duties to relevant officials.


The feasibility study and partial master plan of the Emeelt Eco-Industrial Park have been developed. In doing so, the comprehensive planning of the industrial park, which will create more than 5,600 new jobs, is completed.

Emeelt Eco-Industrial Park aims to decentralize Ulaanbaatar, enhance economic competitiveness, increase employment, and produce export-oriented products by establishing a world-class agricultural park in the 13th khoroo of Khan-Uul district. It will also carry out activities on a wide range, including environmentally friendly animal husbandry, agriculture, transportation, logistics, shopping centers, warehouses, business incubators, industrial training centers, light industries, project implementation, research and evaluation.

Minutes were taken from the council meeting, and the above issue was submitted to the Citizens’ Representative Khural for discussion.

Misheel Lkhasuren