Citizens' opinions collected on possible constitutional amendment

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Parliamentarians are working in their respective constituencies to present the draft amendment to the Constitution and receive the citizens’ suggestions and opinions in accordance with the Order No. 85 of the speaker of Parliament. 

In particular, legislators B.Battumur, G.Damdinnyam and B.Javkhlan are working in Darkhan-Uul Province, and held a meeting and discussion to get citizens’ opinions. Residents expressed their support for a mixed electoral system, while making suggestions related to manual counting of ballots and fair elections. In addition, in order to strengthen the representative capacity, the citizens supported to expand Parliament to include representatives of social groups and sectors and increase the number of members.

Members of Parliament Ts.Munkhtsetseg and D.Tsogtbaatar are meeting the Sukhbaatar District residents. They informed that in order to improve the Parliament’s ability to represent the people, the number of lawmakers will be increased to 152 in accordance with the population, and fifty percent of the total members will be elected by majority and fifty percent by proportional method in accordance with the draft amendment.

Lawmaker B.Purevdorj met the citizens of Uyench, Bulgan, Erdeneburen, Must and Altai soums of Khovd Province, and presented detailed information about the draft amendment to the Constitution to increase the number of parliamentary members to 152 and conduct the parliamentary elections in a mixed system.

Member T.Dorjkhand is currently working in the Khan-Uul District. The residents who participated in the meeting expressed their opinions regarding the holding of the parliamentary elections in a mixed electoral system and increasing the number of members.

During his working visit in Uvs Province, lawmaker Ch.Khurelbaatar gave an information about the current social and economic conditions of the country, presented the draft amendment to the Constitution and listened to the citizens’ opinions. Some of the participants believed that it is unnecessary to increase the number of members, while the others said that the number of members can be increased to keep pace with the times, but it is better to be less than 152. On the contrary, there were citizens who supported the regulation of 152 members in the draft amendment submitted by the government. However, they agreed that it is very important for Mongolia to secure its independence and ensure its classical parliamentary government, which fully expresses the wishes of its people, at a time when the situation in the outside world is not peaceful.

Citizens are expressing various views on the draft amendment to the Constitution. On the issue of increasing the number of members, most of them stated that it is better to have about 100 or 108 members in Parliament.

The lawmakers were assigned to work in their constituencies for seven days, inform the citizens and voters about the proposed amendments to the Constitution submitted by the government, discuss and decide whether to consider them, listen to the views of the citizens, collect and consolidate the relevant opinions. The consolidated report will be submitted to the Standing Committee on State Structure by May 17, and the standing committee will submit it to the working group responsible for preparing the draft amendments to the Constitution for the second and third discussions by May 18.

Misheel Lkhasuren