City official B.Odsuren discriminates LGBT

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Project Manager in charge of Roads and Transportation in Ulaanbaatar B.Odsuren share a post with contents discriminating against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, intersex, and questioning (LGBTIQ) people on September 2. He wrote in his post that he had several advertisements placed on public buses stripped off because they advertised the LGBT Center in Mongolia.

B.Odsuren added that he threw away his children’s toy that was painted in colors resembling the symbol of the LGBTIQ community. “I had bought a toy for my child. However, I later realized that it had the same colors as the symbol of LGBT people. It made me feel uncomfortable so I threw the toy in the trash. I also had the LGBT Center’s advertisement on public transport removed,” he wrote.

The public widely criticized B.Odsuren, who holds a senior position in the city and serves the public, for such insensitivity to human rights and discrimination. Soon after the backlash, B.Odsuren deleted his Facebook post.

Enkhnaranjav Tumurbaatar