Collage artist highlights rights of women and children

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B.Nandin-Erdene is an artist producing contemporary mixed media collage using her own original drawings and paintings that depict mainly portraits of women and children. She has launched her first solo exhibition “Smiling Thoughts” at the MN Art Gallery, showcasing 29 masterpieces.


The use of pattern, decoration and adornment are introduced into her works to demonstrate beautification in its many forms. She combines found collage papers and screen prints with acrylic paints, spray paints, pencils, pens and spray guns that seem to varnish and leave a fine finish.

‘Unauthorized Hands’

Within her work, she investigates and provokes self-reflection about social issues. The composition of her portraits illustrates an overall feeling of natural strength and beauty mixed with the fragility of the brief and ever-changing life that all women share.

She said, “Children’s and women’s rights are not sufficiently provided in society. Therefore, they have become social problems. Children are the most crucial thing in a family. It is important to create a good social environment for children to develop. Society is full of negative and dark things, but we need to treat our children properly and nicely."

Artist B.Nandin-Erdene often uses bright colors such as light blue or yellow and pink. Unpleasant feelings hidden behind these colors and joyful laughter are depicted in her pieces. She also highlights body parts, especially hands, feet, eyes, skin and lips in her works. More specifically, most of her works on display exemplified eyes. She explained that as eyes are the mirror of the soul, she aims to show social problems through the eyes.

In particular, her “Mother” piece was drawn with pink, pale blue, yellow and gray colors and is a mix of diverse fuzzy images of children playing. The painting seems to prove that mothers spend more time on housework and children’s education and development and perform important family roles alone.


Named after the exhibition, “Smiling Thoughts” painting also portrays woman smiling, who is made up of many small parts. Her body language seems to share her many memories – beautiful, funny and sad stories.

'Smiling Thoughts'

B.Nandin-Erdene says her “Thoughts About Change” piece features the current image of young women who are trying to change themselves, have not yet found themselves, and are looking for themselves. It reflects teenagers trying to imitate beautiful women in magazines.

‘Thoughts About Change’

The artist explained that women often undergo plastic surgery to follow trends and compare themselves with others and imitate other. Through this masterpiece, she intended to express the social scene where women reject their unique beauty.

The artist graduated from the School of Fine Arts and Design of the Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture with a master’s degree in 2006. Her works have been widely exhibited. In specific, she has participated in more than 60 joint, domestic and international art exhibitions since 2006.

To see more of B.Nandin-Erdene’s pieces, stop by the MN Art Gallery before the “Smiling Thoughts” exhibition wraps up on November 20.

Misheel Lkhasuren