Conference held to support Ulaanbaatar-Chongqing investment cooperation

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Chongqing is a city that is being developed into a major hub of car manufacturing, technology, and finance in China. In order to expand cooperation with the city and create new opportunities in this direction, a joint conference was held to support the investment and economic cooperation between Ulaanbaatar and Chongqing within the working visit of Mayor of Ulaanbaatar D.Sumiyabazar.

In this event, which aims to expand further economic, trade and business cooperation, the two cities’ officials and the representatives of state-owned enterprises under the city participated. During the conference, Mayor D.Sumiyabazar highlighted, “This conference is being organized to advance the partnership of enterprises and companies of the two cities to a new level. Our future operations will be mutually beneficial, friendly, win-win, and will open new opportunities. As for Ulaanbaatar, special attention will be paid to solving the problems by localizing Chongqing’s leading experience, technological achievements and know-how and cooperation in the field of road and public transport.” More than 60 enterprises operating in the sectors of road transport, construction, investment, foreign economy and trade of the city participated in the joint conference to support investment and economic cooperation between Ulaanbaatar and Chongqing expressed their willingness for cooperation. At the end of the conference, the officials of Ulaanbaatar held a free meeting with enterprises of Chongqing and discussed the possibilities and conditions of cooperation.

Misheel Lkhasuren