CTD provides clarification on claims to the 400 million MNT VAT lottery jackpot

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  • May 03,2016
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The Customs and Taxation Department (CTD) reported that two individuals have applied to the CTD claiming that they are winners of March's 400 million MNT VAT lottery jackpot. Head of the VAT Bonus Refund and Lottery Unit R.Otgontulga said that only one winner can be recognized, as VAT receipts cannot be duplicated. He said that the first winning number for the 400 million MNT prize was first selected on March 20, but at that time the receipt had not been registered on ebarimt.mn. VAT lottery winners are required to submit a prize claim to the CTD within three months of the lottery drawing in accordance with the Law on VAT. “In April, we received two claims for the 400 million MNT prize. There is no possibility for there to be two winners. In addition to lottery numbers, we are reviewing the QR code printed on receipts, and there can’t be any duplications,” Otgontulga said. Last month, N.Altanzul submitted a claim for the jackpot, however, the QR code on her receipt had been rubbed off and her receipt is undergoing laboratory analysis, with results to be announced next week. Otgontulga said, “The second claim, from N.Tseepil, didn’t have a matching QR code for the winning lottery drawing, and today we are officially announcing that N.Tseepil is not the winner of the 400 million MNT. The QR code must be the same, and it can only be issued from the CTD’s information database, it cannot be duplicated anywhere else.” Head of the Legal Department of the CTD B.Dorjsuren underlined that the CTD will investigate individuals submitting fake receipts and they will be held accountable for fraud in accordance with the law. The CTD reported that a total of 94,000 VAT refund winners have been confirmed in nine lottery drawings held since the VAT law became effective. The winnings add up to 3.8 billion MNT, 986 million MNT of which has been transferred to winners according to the CTD.