D. Sumiyabazar: Special attention is being paid to increasing green areas and creating a comfortable environment for citizens

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Mayor of Ulaanbaatar D.Sumiyabazar gave information about the construction and landscaping works that are being carried out in 2022 to increase the city’s green areas and create a comfortable environment for citizens.

He said, “The Ulaanbaatar city authorities are paying special attention to increasing green areas and creating a comfortable environment for citizens. In this regard, I repeatedly visited construction sites. The landscaping work near Dugui Tsagaan was started and the construction work is 95 percent complete. Also, landscaping work was done at the Central Stadium. Landscaping work in the northwest side of the Asem Villa town along the bank of the Tuul River is about 90 percent complete. The construction work was carried out to create a comfortable environment for citizens on 3.8 hectares of Baga Tengeriin Am. Additionally, landscaping work is being done outside the Bogd Khan Palace Museum. Major cities around the world preserve and protect their historic sites and create comfortable landscaping and services with modern solutions.”

“Also, tasks were given to increase green areas in each district. The district authorities should pay attention to this, have a proper understanding of the social responsibilities of enterprises and seek opportunities to work with them within the framework of certain agreements and rules.”

The mayor prioritized removing billboards and fences and widening sidewalks, which are negatively affecting the appearance of Ulaanbaatar. Demolition of unauthorized garages and fences is being carried out in the residential area in order to increase green space and widen sidewalks. Sidewalks are being widened to three to seven meters, the mayor added.

Dulguun Bayarsaikhan