Decree issued to make Noyon Mountain state shrine

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Based on Article 34.1 of the Constitution of Mongolia, Article 9.1 of the Law on President and Article 11 of the Law on Protection of Cultural Heritage, on June 18, President Kh.Battulga issued Decree No. 81 on making Noyon Mountain located in Mandal soum of Selenge Province and Bornuur and Batsumber soums of Tuv Province a state shrine to protect and honor it.

The outgoing president called on governmental and non-governmental, scientific and historical and cultural organizations and the public to deepen and expand the study, preservation and promotion of the history and heritage of Mongolia.

Moreover, on the occasion of World Blood Donor Day, the president issued Decree No. 169 to award blood donors who have donated blood 120 or more times with the “fairness” medal. The president called on the government, private sector, media and the public to join in the sacred work for the health of the people, to donate blood, promote and coordinate their activities in order to ensure blood security and uninterrupted supply of blood and blood products.

Today, there are more than 150,000 blood donors in Mongolia, of which more than 36,000 are active blood donors and 2,674 are honorary donors who have donated blood 35 or more times.

The decree states that the World Health Organization recommends that 1.5 percent of the population be actively involved in the donor movement, and 1.15 percent of the total population, 1.8 percent of Ulaanbaatar residents, and 0.5 percent of the local population are involved in the blood donation movement.

Consumption of blood and blood products related to organ transplant surgery, accidents, injuries, and childbirth has increased by an average of 3.6 percent annually, while the number of blood donors has increased by 4.2 percent.

In the future, there is a need to significantly increase the number of regular blood donors due to the production of bio-preparations in the country, the president noted.

Misheel Lkhasuren