DP reviews 5.1 trillion MNT program

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During its meeting on March 15, the Democratic Party (DP) caucus in Parliament discussed the 5.1 trillion MNT program for COVID-19 prevention, fight, and mitigation of its socioeconomic impact, as well as its result and implementation.

The caucus believes that as the government launched a 10 trillion MNT economic recovery program, it is necessary to report on the expenditures and results of the previous 5.1 trillion MNT program.

The party caucus criticized that the government could not explain how they spent money equal to half of Mongolia’s annual budget revenue in the past. DP stated that as the amount of money the government spends increases, the people are getting poorer.

The DP caucus noted that the government signed a loan agreement with some foreign countries and international organizations for 651.9 million USD or 1.8 trillion MNT, putting a pressure of 4.5 trillion MNT on the budget. Therefore, the caucus reported that a working group will be established to monitor it.

Misheel Lkhasuren