DP to nominate people who support individual rights

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On August 16, the Democratic Party (DP) expressed its opinion on the by-elections to be held in Songinokhairkhan District and Khentii Province on October 10.

Highlighting that the General Election Commission registered the DP group led by M.Tulgat for the by-elections last week, Secretary General of DP Ch.Unurbayar said, “The two working groups of the party were set up to prepare for the by-elections. DP Secretary B.Garamgaibaatar is chairing the working group in charge of preparation for the by-election in Khentii, while Deputy Chair of DP R.Erdeneburen is chairing the working group to prepare for the by-election in Songinokhairkhan.”

“I personally see this election as a responsible election. The people trusted the authorities and elected them to Parliament. Unfortunately, to date, the problems facing the country remain unresolved. Prior to the presidential election, the authorities announced that the people would not use masks by August. Everyone knows that fuel prices and the economy are in trouble today. The situation has worsened. No issues were resolved. Citizens are tired of politics that play on people’s trust and makes empty promises before the election,” he continued.

“DP believes that Mongolia should respect individual rights and the rule of law above all else. We will stand firm on this principle. We will nominate people who support this concept and who can take political action for it,” Secretary General of DP Ch.Unurbayar noted.

Deputy Chair of DP R.Erdeneburen stressed that the authorities stopped listening to the people, so the opposition must unite and become stronger in order to give voice to the unheard.

“Everyone is demanding the unification of split DP factions. Therefore, we called for the DP led by O.Tsogtgerel to unite to run in this election. The candidates will be announced after deciding how to run in the elections,” he said.

Misheel Lkhasuren