Drivers with plate numbers ending in 1 or 6 to pay tax in January

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Citizens shall pay vehicle tax once a year to their related tax office before June 1. In doing so, it is paid within the month assigned to the last digit of the vehicle number. If the last digit of a citizen's car number is one and six, the tax should be paid in January, two and seven in February, three and eight in March, four and nine in April and five and zero in May. The vehicle tax can be paid online through the integrated digital service / If citizens have paid the vehicle and self-propelled vehicle taxes, air pollution fees and road usage fees online, citizens must print the receipt and attach it to their vehicle certificate or check and stamp the receipt at any tax collection point nearby. However, enterprises and organizations shall pay the annual tax for motor vehicles and self-propelled vehicles in equal amounts to the budget by the 25th of the last month of each quarter and submit the report to the tax office by February 15 of the following year.

Moreover, in connection with the digitalization of public transportation, digital certificates of vehicles are being introduced. The digitalization of vehicles started in August 2023 in the capital city and in November last year throughout the country. During this period, digital certificates (RFID tags) have been installed in about 128,400 vehicles nationwide. In Ulaanbaatar City, digital vehicle certificates are installed in 16 main locations. From January, the vehicle inspection and diagnosis began. Along with the inspection and diagnosis, the load is arising due to the installation of digital certificates. 

In connection with that, the project and program advisor to the Governor of the Capital City, Ch.Batzorig gave information. He said, "Promotional work related to the installation of digital certificates has been going on since August 2023. However, voluntary participation by drivers was low. Therefore, by re-intensifying the promotion work in November to December last year, citizens got clear information and increased the activity of obtaining digital certificates. Since 2024 began, according to the schedule announced by the Ministry of Road and Transportation Development, the inspection and diagnosis of vehicles began. In July 2023, more than 100 employees were included in the training related to the issuance of digital certificates. The trained staff are currently working in three shifts and at its full capacity.” 

Ch.Batzorig then continued, “There are few digital certification places. Therefore, the Ulaanbaatar City continues to regularly approach the National Road Transportation Center on the issue of increasing the number of places for issuing digital certificates. In other words, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Road and Transportation Development, the National Road Transportation Center and the National Committee on Traffic Congestion of the Capital City are working together. As for Ulaanbaatar City, 447,000 digital certificates have been supplied and issued in July 2023.” “The Ministry Road and Transportation Development organized the purchase of more than 800,000 digital certificates. These will be affixed to the cars of 21 provinces and public transportation vehicles of the capital city. There is no shortage of digital certificates in Ulaanbaatar City as for January 6. The unit price is 6,700 MNT. Also, 728,000 vehicles are registered in the capital city, 436,000 of them are fined. Recently, the number of fines have been increasing sharply." said the project and program officer. 

Chantsalmaa Demchigkhorloo