e-Transition in health sector discussed

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The Standing Committee on Innovation and e-Policy held a forum on e-transition in the health sector, current status and future measures at the State Palace on September 18.

Noting that work is underway to improve the health care system and introduce an e-system to serve the people quickly and without delay, Minister of Health T.Munkhsaikhan said that in the past, hospital timekeeping systems have been streamlined and an integrated system has been introduced.

“From next year, hospitals will be funded by their activities, so all hospitals will be able to enter their information, such as medicines, medical devices and equipment, into the e-health program and register in an integrated manner. It will allow us to take precautionary measures based on data and manage our finances properly. Nationwide, all information related to the health sector will be received electronically by hospital management in a timely manner,” he added.

Chairman of the standing committee N.Uchral said, “With the timely launch of the e-health transition, citizens will be able to go for regular check-ups without queue by 2023. Funding and projects for e-transition in the health sector have been ineffective. Therefore, a working group was established by the Standing Committee on Innovation and e-Policy. The working group is chaired by lawmaker Dr. J.Chinburen.”

During the forum, the challenges of e-transition in the health sector were discussed.

Some participants highlighted that despite the introduction of e-services by health facilities, there is still a lack of unified organization.

Misheel Lkhasuren