Education Ministry’s new database to put a stop to fake diplomas

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  • Jun 10,2016
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Changing grades, giving fake diplomas, and other corruption related issues in the education sector are expected to end with the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science’s new Information Integrated Online Database, which launched on June 8. The ministry integrated the sector’s information, and its previous operations in the new database. The database allows access to information about secondary education schools, their students, their grades, attendance, quality, success, and even the teacher’s records. The Information Integrated Online Database expects to save time by granting students, teachers, and schools access to test registration information and grades online. Officials said that it will reveal scholarship information, such as when the transaction occurred and to which bank account the money was transferred to. “Last week, our ministry received a certificate by becoming the first state organization to adopt the ISO 9001:2005, a quality management system standard. Today, we’re launching our new integrated information database. We have completed all works we aimed to accomplish in four years,” said Minister of Education, Culture and Science L.Gantumur, during the launch ceremony