Election Committee members take oath

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         In accordance with the Law on the Central Election Body, new members of the General Election Commission (GEC) take an oath in the Constitution of Mongolia. In this regard, the oath taking ceremony of the members of the GEC was held by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on State Structure on May 8.

During its plenary session on April 30, Parliament approved the resolution on appointment of new members of the GEC. Particularly, Commissioner General of the General Police Department of Mongolia S.Baatarjav and Chairman of General Authority for Intellectual Property and State Registration B.Baasandorj were appointed as member of the GEC.

The new members signed the Oath Sheet, pledging to uphold the Constitution of Mongolia and the Law on Elections of Mongolia, and to perform their duties as members of the GEC fairly.

Handing over the membership certificates to them, Chairman of the Standing Committee on State Structure S.Byambatsogt expressed his hope that they would be faithful to their oaths.

In addition, Chairman of the GEC Ch.Sodnomtseren, Secretary Ts.Boldsaikhan, member D.Bayanduuren and adviser B.Khatantuul participated in the event.

Misheel Lkhasuren