Emergency management agencies open new museum and training center

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A Museum for Emergency Management Agencies of Mongolia was opened on Monday to commemorate the establishment of the first modern emergency management agency of Mongolia on June 20, 2003. emergencyThe opening ceremony was attended by Deputy Prime Minister Ts.Oyunbaatar, his advisor P.Dash, Major Generals P.Sundev and  G.Makhbariad, former Head of the State Reserve Authority J.Byambanorov, former Head of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) and High Commissioner Ts.Amgalanbayar, current NEMA Head and Brigade General T.Badral, and other representatives. The new museum was built to honor the history of emergency management agencies, gather and preserve valuable historic documents and items to future generations, and exhibit them to the public. emergency2 Over 500 important items are displayed at the  museum, including historic documents and photographs of pioneers and heroes of emergency services, nuclear protective gear and equipment, textbooks, training materials, firefighter suits, and more. The museum was introduced as an institute that will raise public awareness about the operations of emergency service agencies, cultivate patriotic values in children, and increase public knowledge on disaster prevention. ULAANBAATAR ESTABLISHES DISASTER MANAGEMENT TRAINING CENTER Disaster Management Training Center Disaster Management Training Center[/caption] To mark the 13th anniversary of the Mongolian emergency management sector, the first-ever Disaster Management Training Center was opened on June 20. The NEMA notes that Mongolia will be able to strengthen the Mongolian emergency management sector through the new training center, aid disaster management operations, provide the public with knowledge and information on disaster prevention and measures to take in case of an emergency or disaster. The training center has 52 rooms in total for training for burning and smoky environment, practicing first aid and rescue operations in high-rise buildings, and an earthquake simulation room. It also has meeting rooms, a library, and a mini 3D film theater. Reportedly, the Disaster Management Training Center has a capacity to organize training for 150 to 200 people.  

Dulguun Bayarsaikhan