Evaluation of civil servants’ qualifications in progress

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  • Nov 16,2018
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Under the prime minister’s instruction to monitor the implementation of Government Resolution No. 258 issued in 2018, which aims to strengthen discipline and ensure accountability and transparency in the state apparatus, the Cabinet Secretariat and the Civil Service Council started examining qualifications of some civil servants.

As November 13, over 3,000 civil servants working for government offices of the capital and Ulaanbaatar’s nine districts have been examined.

Nearly 3,500 government officials of all ministries and government agencies have to be examined, and officials from the ministries of labor and social protection; education, culture, science and sports; justice and internal affairs; food, agriculture, and light industry; and several government agencies were examined so far.

Civil servants from Bayankhongor and Bayan-Ulgii province’s government offices conducted evaluation of their qualifications.

The Cabinet Secretariat set up a task force made up of representatives from the Civil Service Council and the government to carry out examination related to civil service qualifications, professional skills, work performance and professional ethics.

The task force is responsible for presenting Cabinet with a report on its examination within this year.

The examination of the civil servants will be carried out until November 30. Examinations are being conducted on the knowledge of the Constitution, the laws on civil service, the status of civil servants and anti-corruption, and computer skills.