First ETF issued

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        Mongolia’s first Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) was created and affiliated contracts with cooperating parties were signed. With the establishment of “InvesCore Global Q” Mutual Exchange Traded Fund (ETF), InvesCore aims to give its customers the opportunity to invest in the world’s best stock companies at the lowest cost from the Mongolian Stock Exchange. Invescore Management LLC, who founded the ETF, is opening a new page in the Mongolian stock market and the leading securities companies, Apex Capital LLC, Ard Securities LLC, Invescore Capital, Tavan Bogd Capital LLC, and TDB Securities LLC, and Golomt Bank will act as the custodian bank, with the fund’s units traded on the Ulaanbaatar Stock Exchange. The creation of this ETF will increase the activity of the stock market, open many opportunities for investors to improve the quality of their portfolios, reduce costs, and increase returns. ETFs have high liquidity, low costs, transparent information, low risk, save time for research and analysis, and are suitable for accumulating future financial assets even for non-professional investors.

Amarjargal Munkhbat