First meeting of Mongolian Armed Forces’s Women’s Council held

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By order of the Air Force Commander, the Woman in Mongolian Armed Forces Council was recently established and held its first meeting. The Chief of Staff of the Air Force and Brigadier General, B.Erdenebat opened the meeting and said, "...In addition to working in coordination with other branch councils, we need to cooperate with governmental and non-governmental and large foreign organizations for the protection of women's rights and provide lifelong assistance and real investment to those who need it. Help and support should not be understood materially. The most important thing is psychological and mental support. I am confident that the activities will be carried out aimed not only at the working people, but also at their families and children".

According to the program, the head of the women's council, Major L.Nyamtsetseg presented the order of the commander of the Air Force and the 2023 activity report of the council. This is the first time that a commander-level women's council has been established and the members of the council include the heads of women's councils of subordinate units. A spokesperson and public relations officer gave a lecture on communication and women's leadership and the call was made "Let's listen to the silent cries of whose rights are violated, let's be the voice that speaks on their behalf, Let's increase women's leadership, and Let's become a group of leaders who protect women's rights."

After that, Major O.Narantuya presented the working procedures of the Mongolian Armed Forces’ Women’s Council in 2024, the schedule of duties and objectives of the members and organized a discussion based on the statistical research obtained from the subordinate units and branches. At the end of her speech, she said “Women's leadership is lacking in the Air Force. We should not back down from our opinions, say the right words at the right time and be responsible for our work. In coordination with the Council and part-time branch councils, we are working to solve the problems of air border servicewomen who are serving in Mongolia, their family and social problems, increase the participation of women in the activities of service development and structural units, listen to them, investigate issues and take preventive measures against human rights. Moreover, we should work to protect women's labor rights and from all kinds of discrimination, violence and harassment in labor relations.”

Chantsalmaa Demchigkhorloo