Gachuurt-Nalaikh-Choir road under expansion

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Ulaanbaatar Mayor S.Amar­saikhan visited Nalaikh District on Wednesday to check on the renewal of the 20.9-kilometer road from Gachuurt intersection to Nalaikh-Choir intersection.

The mayor instructed project executors to pay attention to the quality of the road as they speed up the work.
The project intends to rebuild the road, increase its lanes, and build a sidewalk for pedestrians, a cycling lane and an underpass. Since partial closures at the road were placed since April 15, the project has progressed to 18 percent of completion. Deputy Head of the Ulaanbaatar Road Development Agency G.Battogtokh assured that all relevant road works are going as planned.

“Companies supervising the road work should do their job well and heighten the requirements. As long as there’s no problem with the financing, there mustn’t be any delay. Work in two shifts a day. Most importantly, the road should be built consistently with international standards and criteria. Increase the number of workers building the road and speed up the progress. For Ulaanbaatarians, it’s crucial for this road to become operational as fast as possible even if it’s an hour or day earlier,” stressed the city mayor.
Through the project, the 20.9-kilometer road between Gachuurt intersection and Nalaikh-Choir intersection will have four lanes in total, which is expected to improve road accessibility, connect remote districts to the city center, ensure road safety, cut down traffic congestion, reduce air pollution, and provide comfortable and safe traveling condition for drivers and passengers.

Dulguun Bayarsaikhan