Gashuunsukhait highway poses big risk to transporters

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On January 10, the Association of Transporters' Wives issued a statement demanding the dismissal of officials suspected of inappropriate tolls. This association aims to protect the interests of Gashuunsukhait transporters and their families. The head of the association, J.Tuul said, "Gashuunsukhait road was built by the private sector and given to the state and it has not been repaired. There are 20,000 transporters on the road, which carries 80 percent of coal exports. The risk due to the road that existed 10 years ago is still there." Therefore, the association requested the Minister of Road and Transportation, S.Byambatsogt to employ a permanent road maintenance team on the Gashuunsukhait road and take measures. 

Regarding the possible misuse of road tolls, a member of the association, N.Javzansuren said, "On average, about 500,000 MNT is collected from each transporter. If 1,000 cars pass through the road per day, it becomes 500 million MNT. At least 12 to 15 billion MNT are taken from the transporters in a month. However, there is no speedometer or camera on the road or even a toilet."

Chantsalmaa Demchigkhorloo