GEC begins printing ballot papers

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In accordance with Article 61 of the Law on Elections of Mongolia, the General Election Commission (GEC) began printing election ballot papers on June 7 based on the number of eligible voters verified by the State Registration Authority with reserve papers equal to 5 percent of the total voters for the 2020 parliamentary election.

A total of 2,132,239 voters registered in the voters’ list for the upcoming election. 

The Mongolian National Security Printing Company and Tavan Bogd Management are printing the ballot papers.  

Based on the GEC's Resolution No. 169 of 2020, working groups were established to organize the selection, printing and delivery of ballot printing companies.

When members of the GEC select a company to print ballot papers, the companies are invited, and certain criteria are set for the printing factory's capacity, standards, space, safety, security, and storage, and a certificate is issued by a professional organization to the company.

Observers of running political parties and coalitions in the election will monitor the printing and handing of ballots, and will follow the recommendations of the National Emergency Commission to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Misheel Lkhasuren