GEC sets straight presidential election regulations

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During its regular meeting, the General Election Commission (GEC) of Mongolia discussed amendments to the Regulation for Observation and External Observation of Non-Governmental Organizations.

In accordance with the Law on Presidential Election of Mongolia, the regulation was amended to reflect the implementation of 2020 parliamentary and local elections, as well as proposals submitted by non-governmental organizations that conducted external monitoring, according to the GEC.

The Law on Elections of Mongolia states that an independent non-governmental organization that does not operate under a political party, has the right to monitor an election process. This allows civil society organizations to contribute to ensuring the right of citizens to vote and be elected through external monitoring of election process.

Non-governmental organizations that conducted independent observation and monitoring of an election process make their post-election observation reports public, send relevant recommendations to the election administration, and provide feedback. The GEC said that in accordance with the Law on Presidential Election, an election campaign of a candidate will be conducted by the campaign authority of a candidate and will be managed by a candidate or candidate’s general manager.

Moreover, the commission discussed amendments to the regulation for registration and issuance of identification cards of party and coalition election officials, candidate managers, aides and agitators, re-approval of regulation for registration of election documents, amendments to regulation for transferring the automated election system to manual operation due to damage or delay in the set of automation equipment, and approval of the design of vehicle identification marks to be used in election campaigns.

Misheel Lkhasuren