General education examinees to receive results on test day

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The Education Evaluation Center has changed the scoring process of the general education examination for high school students, following public skepticism about tampering with exam results.

The results used to be announced 14 days after all examinations.

Director of the Education Evaluation Center J.Gan-Erdene stated, “Our objective is to release exam results before the end of the day it was taken, instead of disclosing it several days later. We intensified works in this direction since last year. And so, we imported a test-scoring machine from the USA. However, Mongolian engineers coded it.”

Although the center has obtained a test-scoring machine, it is uncertain whether the machine can be used it for this year’s general education examination. J.Gan-Erdene explained that it will take at least three more months to transport the machine to Mongolia as they have yet to select a company to do the job through a tender.

There are two standard test-scoring machines in Mongolia, according to the center. They are reportedly capable of scoring 200 test papers in four minutes and it takes under 60 minutes to process test results of a whole province.

“These two machines will be used in two different provinces to score this year’s tests. This year, we plan to have 50 examination buildings. In other words, we need 48 more of these machines. We’re negotiating procurement details with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports. If we can’t manage to get them before the examination, we will get them next year,” said J.Gan-Erdene.

Daariimaa Batnasan